Type X Sport LED Driving Light Installation



- All three M10 bolts must be used to mount the base of the U Bracket to your vehicle. Using only one or two bolts will result in excess vibration of the lamp and ultimately result in bracket failure.

- Before fitting stainless steel hardware, we recommend applying a small amount of anti-seize to the threads of any mounting bolts.


Installation of the TYPE X Sport is no different from any of our other LED Spot lights, maintaining quite a simple installation process. This can be easiest explained via the below-exploded diagram. Most will find it easier to set up the bracket first and once fitted, install the lights.

For wiring instructions, Click Here.


We strongly recommend using both the included rubber dampener & steel plate to prevent vibration through the light. The order of installation is displayed in the diagram to the right with the orange highlighting the rubber dampener which will sit under the bracket between the bull bar. The steel plate will sit on the top side of the bracket.





Type X Sport comes included with a unique set of stencil blacked-out "STEDI" branded covers. All covers from our generation 1 Type X are compatible with the new Type X Sport. 



If you looking for an option to minimize the prospect of your Type X Sport getting stolen, we offer a comprehensive anti-theft kit. 

The anti-theft kit consists of the following fasteners; 

  • 1 x M10 Nut Security Key
  • 1 x M8 Bolt Security Key 
  • 4 x 8mm Bolts (Long) -  Used to secure the brackets to the sides of the Type X (fitted to the adjustment bolt position) 
  • 2 x 10mm Nuts - Used to secure the bracket to the vehicle in conjunction with the included shank bolt.


Type-X Sport Mounting Dimensions

STEDI Type-XSport 7" - Part# LEDTYPE-X-SRT-7INCH

Stedi 7

STEDI Type-XSport 8.5" - Part#LEDTYPE-X-SRT