1. Start by placing the brackets on your bull bar, insert 2 bolts through each bracket to lock them together. At this stage, you will only need to have them tight enough to hold the bracket pieces together.


2. Using the bolts that came with your light bar, mount the light to the brackets. If the bolts supplied with your light do not reach through the vice clamp, the all-thread bolts supplied with the vice clamp will be needed.

2a. Insert the relevant size thread bolt into the light bar tightening until it bottomsout in the light. Next will be the washers and nuts. Again the nuts will not need to be tight as the next step is adjusting the light angle. (Note all-thread bolts may extrude out more than required. this is expected)


3. Our vice clamp offers the most when it comes to adjustability with light positioning. Mounting directly from the side of the light enables almost a 270º rotation around the bar whilst still keeping the bar directed forwards. The diagrams below best explain this.


4. Once the desired position is achieved, tighten all nuts and bolts firmly. To ensure a non-slip fitment, use the supplied set screws to secure the position of the brackets. If additional thickness is required to meet the diameter of the bracket and secure firmly, use the rubber strips included in the box (plastic rings for 22-34mm brackets). (Set screw not included with 22-34mm Vice Brackets).