PRO Street - LED Upgrade Guide

Pro Street LED Upgrade Guide

An area we are not so public about but offer a range of LED components for is the Pro Street or Classic car segment. A misconception regarding LED Lights when appearing in this area of automotive is that upgrading the lights will stray from the vehicle's original appearance whilst not proving to be a useful upgrade. Whilst this can be somewhat right, we strive ourselves on performance lighting so throughout reading the below information, we're hoping to bend that perspective slightly.


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Pro Street LED Headlight Upgrades

Starting with the easy wins, an LED globe or bulb upgrade can make a big difference in night drivability by utilizing all existing components bar the globe itself. This maintains the exact OE look of the car with a large injection on performance making the most of what it has to offer. 

Apart from the increase in performance you will gain from the upgrade, the light colour temperature will change from the traditional warm white to pure white (5700K). This alone can deter those wanting to retain the traditional colour temperature of the light, that being said, there might be something to cater to this in the near future.

In regards to installation of the globes, most installations are a quick and easy process with the average time to do both the driver and passenger side headlights in roughly 30 minutes.

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7 Inch LED Headlight Sealed Upgrade

This area of headlight upgrade offers a lot more when it comes to not only performance but appearance as well. We currently contain 3 variations in our range of 7 Inch Sealed LED Headlights including the Homage, Carbon, and Iris. Each holds its own aesthetics and differences in performance which we will dive deeper into below.



Created to perfectly cater to the customer looking to see the biggest upgrade in performance but also maintain the appearance most like the factory is the Homage. Keeping the traditional form of reflectors blurs the line from a bystander's viewpoint as to factory and aftermarket units. 

As the light has been designed and built as a single unit, the output of light and beam pattern meet the requirement of ADR coming pre-stamped with an E-9 certification. Basically, this just means it can be fitted to the car and you're good to roll.



You've either heard about or tried the other disaster 7" LED kits on the market. Our IRIS LED Headlight unit is ADR Compliant and features a proper RHD beam geometry.

Our IRIS is a complete LED unit that will replace your existing 7" factory headlight unit. Complete with separate High and low beams as well as a full halo park light, the IRIS is your all-in-one upgrade solution for your motorbike or 4x4 vehicle that runs a 7" headlight.



The low beam is full of volume and throws out to 141m at 1 Lux. The high beam throws out to 235m at the 1 Lux which is better than many auxiliary lights on the market. The integrated optional halo park light can be wired to ignition or to a dedicated switch to illuminate to offer daytime safety. Anti-Flicker technology for an effortless install. 

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